Anonymous whispered: favorite genre?

I’ve always been a Trance girl =). Honestly I dont have a favorite since i listen to everything except country lol. I dont really like rap but i have my moods when i listen to rap. 

Anonymous whispered: what's your favorite underwear brand?

uuuuum??? Lol I like basically anything comfortable. I dont have a brand. i get my stuff at like pacsun AE CK and alot of places. If someone asks me what type do I wear… haha I’ll just answer it here…. I wear boy shorts, bikini, and briefs sometimes usually in the winter

Anonymous whispered: where are your clothes from?

well i get my jeans from pacsun. yes it’s always pacsun for jeans lol. I get my shirts from hot topic, pacsun, zummiez, vans, and a lot of other places. mostly pacsun zummiez and hot topic 

Anonymous whispered: what brand shoes do you wear?

I’m a adidas converse nike toms and vans girl =). I mostly own vans.




Throwback to one year ago.


Idk what color my eyes are but here ya go anon


So I was playing with my rats today and..

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